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  1. 2008-04-11Architect's Guide to Running a Job, Sixth Edition
  2. 2008-04-11Opportunity and Risk: A Guide to Understanding Opportunities and Risks in Futures Trading
  3. 2008-04-11Ten Years After: Revisiting The Asian Financial Crisis
  4. 2008-04-11Global Economic Prospects 2008, World Bank
  5. 2008-04-11Customs Modernization Handbook
  6. by Yegor Gaidar / 2008-04-12[request]Collapse of an Empire
  7. by John A. Barnes / 2008-04-12John F.Kennedy on Leadership - The Lessons and Legacy of a President
  8. 2008-04-12A Guide to Starting Your Business
  9. 2008-04-12The Business of Sustainability
  10. 2008-04-12The Complete Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance in Your 20s And 30s
  11. 2008-04-12Sustainable Value: How the World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good
  12. 2008-04-12Entrepreneurship: The Way Ahead
  13. 2008-04-12Entrepreneurship in a Global Context
  14. 2008-04-12Financial Handbook for SMEs
  15. by Jeff Madura / 2008-04-12[request]International Financial Management solution manual
  16. by Jeff Madura / 2008-04-12[request]solution manual of International Financial Management
  17. by Peter Kent, Jill K. Finlayson / 2008-04-13How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo!, and Google
  18. by Joel Comm / 2008-04-13Making Money with AdSense What Google Never Told You About
  19. 2008-04-13Changing Behaviour at Work: A Practical Guide
  20. 2008-04-13A Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations
  21. 2008-04-13The Credit Default Swap Basis
  22. 2008-04-13The Ethical Business Challenges and Controversies
  23. 2008-04-13The Performance Appraisal Question & Answer Book A Survival Guide for Managers
  24. 2008-04-13Careers for Puzzle Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers
  25. 2008-04-13Scientists, Business, and the State, 1890-1960
  26. 2008-04-13Careers in Publishing (Repost)
  27. 2008-04-13Püttjer & Schnierda - Erfolgsfaktor Körpersprache
  28. 2008-04-13The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
  29. 2008-04-14The Economist : April 12 - 18
  30. 2008-04-14The Research Project: How to write it
  31. 2008-04-14The One Minute Manager
  32. 2008-04-14Preparing To Teach Writing: Research, Theory, and Practice
  33. 2008-04-14Careers in Human Resources: WetFeet Insider Guide
  34. 2008-04-14Negotiating Your Salary & Perks (WetFeet Insider Guide)
  35. 2008-04-14Careers in Management Consulting
  36. 2008-04-14Killer Consulting Resumes!, 2nd Edition : WetFeet Insider Guide
  37. 2008-04-14Killer Investment Banking Resumes! 2nd Edition: WetFeet Insider Guide
  38. 2008-04-14The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book On Value
  39. 2008-04-14Analysis of Financial Data
  40. 2008-04-14Interviewing Techniques for Managers (Repost)
  41. 2008-04-14Middle East Oil Exporters: What Happened to Economic Development?
  42. 2008-04-15Cooperative Extensions of the Bayesian Game
  43. 2008-04-15Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business
  44. 2008-04-15Operators Are Standing By (Repost)
  45. 2008-04-15The Economics of Airline Institutions, Operations and Marketing
  46. 2008-04-15Killer Cover Letters and Resumes! The WetFeet Insider Guide
  47. 2008-04-15The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits
  48. 2008-04-15The WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
  49. 2008-04-15Fast Forward MBA in Business Communication (Repost)
  50. 2008-04-15World Economic Outlook 2008: Housing and the Business Cycle
  51. by LLyynnnn RR.. Kahle / 2008-04-15Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communication (Advertising and Consumer Psychology)
  52. by A. J. Monte, Rick Swope / 2008-04-15The Market Guys’ Five Points for Trading Success is based on a philosophy developed by Swope and Monte that focuses on the basics of trading.
  53. by Louise M. Kursmark / 2008-04-16Sales & Marketing Resumes for $100,000 Careers
  54. by McGraw Hill / 2008-04-16Build an eBay Business QuickSteps 2nd Edition
  55. by Alan Lavine / 2008-04-16Quick Steps to Financial Stability
  56. by Lee Lowell / 2008-04-16Get Rich With Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor
  57. by Maury Fertig / 2008-04-16The Seven Deadly Sins of Investing: How to Conquer Your Worst Impulses and Save Your Financial Future
  58. 2008-04-16Accounting,Economics,Finance - Reference Book Collections
  59. 2008-04-16Economics (Micro & Macro) - Reference Book Collections
  60. 2008-04-16How To Write A Business Plan
  61. by Christoph Amberger / 2008-04-16Hot trading secrets
  62. 2008-04-16The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity (Repost)
  63. 2008-04-16Derivative Instruments: A Guide to Theory and Practice
  64. 2008-04-16Stretch How Great Companies Grow in Good Times and Bad (Repost)
  65. 2008-04-16The New Rules of Marketing and PR
  66. 2008-04-16Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Repost)
  67. 2008-04-16Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam
  68. 2008-04-16Inside Arthur Andersen: Shifting Values, Unexpected Consequences
  69. 2008-04-16Dividend Policy: Theory and Practice
  70. 2008-04-17Quantitative and Empirical Analysis of Energy Markets
  71. 2008-04-17Quantative Analysis, Derivatives Modeling, and Trading Strategies
  72. 2008-04-17Co-operative Bank: Customer Champion
  73. 2008-04-18BusinessWeek 28 April 2008 magazine
  74. by Steven Stralser / 2008-04-18MBA In A Day: What You Would Learn At Top-Tier Business Schools (If You Only Had The Time!)
  75. 2008-04-18Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One
  76. 2008-04-18Credit Risk Management (Essential Capital Markets)
  77. 2008-04-18The funbook of creative writing
  78. 2008-04-18Optimal Portfolio Modeling
  79. 2008-04-18How to Market Books: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Profit and Exploiting All Channels to Market
  80. 2008-04-18Capitalism Unleashed: Finance, Globalization, and Welfare
  81. 2008-04-18Winning
  82. 2008-04-18The Six Sigma Way: How GE, Motorola, and Other Top Companies are Honing Their Performance
  83. 2008-04-18Bodacious
  84. 2008-04-18Design-inspired Innovation
  85. by Ben Warwick / 2008-04-19The Handbook of Risk
  86. 2008-04-19Doing Business with China
  87. 2008-04-19New Frontiers in Enterprise Risk Management
  88. 2008-04-19Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund: A Do-It-Yourself ETF Strategy for Private Wealth Management
  89. 2008-04-19Winning with Options: The Smart Way to Manage Portfolio Risk and Maximize Profit
  90. 2008-04-20Why We Want You To Be Rich - Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki
  91. 2008-04-21On Being A Dog With A Bone
  92. 2008-04-21The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More With Less
  93. 2008-04-21Job Search And Career Checklists: 101 Proven Time-Saving Checklists To Organize And Plan Your Career Search (Reupload)
  94. 2008-04-21An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation: Mathematics, Stochastics and Computation
  95. 2008-04-21Advances in Mobile Commerce Technologies
  96. 2008-04-21The Unauthorized Teacher's Survival Guide: An Essential Reference for Both New And Experienced Educators!
  97. 2008-04-21Economic Forecasting
  98. 2008-04-21Portfolio Optimization and Performance Analysis
  99. 2008-04-21Business in Second Life: An Introduction
  100. 2008-04-21Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century
  101. 2008-04-21Games in Economic Development

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