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  1. 2009-05-27Employee Representation in Non-Union Firms
  2. 2009-05-27Operations Management (SAGE Course Companions)
  3. 2009-05-27Careers in Media and Film: The Essential Guide
  4. 2009-05-27Leadership and Management in Social Care
  5. 2009-05-27Industrial Relations: A Current Review
  6. 2009-05-27Organisations and Management in Social Work (Sage Key Concepts)
  7. 2009-05-27Building Networks (The Academic's Support Kit)
  8. 2009-05-27A Student's Guide to Presentations: Making your Presentation Count
  9. 2009-05-27Winning and Managing Research Funding (The Academic's Support Kit)
  10. 2009-05-27Statistical Modeling for Management
  11. 2009-05-27Practical Counselling & Helping Skills: Text and Activities for the Lifeskills Counselling Model
  12. 2009-05-27Problems in Marketing: Applying Key Concepts and Techniques
  13. 2009-05-27I Can't Do That!: My Social Stories To Help With Communication, Self-Care and Personal Skills
  14. 2009-05-27Management von Verfügungsrechten
  15. 2009-05-27Serge Timacheff - From Bricks to Clicks: 5 Steps to Creating a Durable Online Brand
  16. 2009-05-27Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk
  17. 2009-05-27John Marcus - The Resume Makeover: 50 Common Problems With Resumes and Cover Letters - and How to Fix Them
  18. 2009-05-27The VAR Implementation Handbook
  19. 2009-05-27Stephen Brown - Wizard!: Harry Potter's Brand Magic
  20. 2009-05-27Takashi Kubota - Cyberlaw for Global E-business: Finance, Payment and Dispute Resolution
  21. 2009-05-27Yogesh K. Dwivedi - Consumer Adoption and Usage of Broadband
  22. 2009-05-27Building a Successful 21st Century Music Career
  23. 2009-05-27English for bussiness communication (for everyone)
  24. 2009-05-27Technische Mechanik fuer Wirtschaftsingenieure 4 Auflage
  25. 2009-05-27T.Petrocelli, "Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management" (Repost)
  26. 2009-05-29Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  27. 2009-05-29Building Contract Dictionary
  28. 2009-05-29Management von Netzwerkorganisationen: Beiträge aus der "Managementforschung"
  29. 2009-05-29Automatic Exchange Betting: Automating The Betting Process From Strategy to Execution: Colin Magee
  30. 2009-05-29Alan V. Deardoff - Terms of Trade: Glossary of International Economics
  31. 2009-05-29Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Small States
  32. 2009-05-29Arbeitszeugnisse für Führungskräfte qualifiziert gestalten und bewerten. Mit 60 deutschen und englischen Musterzeugnissen
  33. 2009-05-29Der Nasenfaktor: Wie Berater sich unverwechselbar positionieren
  34. 2009-05-29The Risks of Financial Institutions (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report)
  35. 2009-05-29Southern Hospitality: Tourism and the Growth of Atlanta
  36. 2009-05-29The Botswana Defense Force in the Struggle for an African Environment
  37. 2009-05-29The Measurement of Productive Efficiency and Productivit Growth
  38. 2009-05-29Trade Unions and the Coming of Democracy in Africa
  39. 2009-05-29OECD SME And Entrepreneurship Outlook 2005
  40. 2009-05-29The Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain In China: A Case Study of Cokemaking
  41. 2009-05-29Redesigning the Financial Aid System: Why Colleges and Universities Should Switch Roles with the Federal Government
  42. 2009-05-29Global Economy and Digital Society
  43. 2009-05-29The Political Economy of Hemispheric Integration: Responding to Globalization in the Americas
  44. 2009-05-29State, Market, and Democracy in Chile: The Constraint of Popular Participation
  45. 2009-05-29A New History of Leviathan: Essays on the Rise of the American Corporate State
  46. 2009-05-29Overhauling the Legal Infrastructure of Public Procurement in the Philippines
  47. 2009-05-29Rethinking Infrastructure for Development
  48. 2009-05-29Smart Alliance: How a Global Corporation and Environmental Activists Transformed a Tarnished Brand (Chiquita Banana)
  49. 2009-05-29Rafael Herrerias-Pleguezuelo - Distribution Models Theory
  50. 2009-05-29Baufinanzierung
  51. 2009-05-29Mindful Conservatism: Re-thinking the Ideological and Educational Basis of an Ecologically Sustainable Future: C. A. Bowers
  52. 2009-05-29The Impact of Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure: Lights and Shadows
  53. 2009-05-29Emergency Response Planning: For Corporate and Municipal Managers
  54. 2009-05-29Capitalism
  55. 2009-05-29The Political Economy of Human Rights Enforcement: Moral and Intellectual Leadership in the Context of Global Hegemony
  56. 2009-05-29Memoirs of the Money Lady: Is This a Great Business or What!
  57. 2009-05-29Strategic Business Forecasting: A Structured Approach to Shaping the Future of Your Business
  58. 2009-05-29Technology Transfer in Biotechnology: A Global Perspective
  59. 2009-05-29Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity And Building Talent From Within by William J. Rothwell
  60. 2009-05-29Syntactic Carpentry: An Emergentist Approach to Syntax by William O'Grady
  61. 2009-05-29The WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Human Resources
  62. 2009-05-29Wettbewerb und Kooperation. Wettbewerberorientierung in Projekten radikaler Innovation
  63. 2009-05-29Effective Business Writing
  64. 2009-05-29Want It, See It, Get It!: Visualize Your Way to Success by Gini Graham Scott Ph.D.
  65. 2009-05-29The 30 Day MBA
  66. 2009-05-29Internationale Wettbewerbsstrategien: Die globale Wirtschaft und die Herausforderung China
  67. 2009-05-29Immobilien-Portfoliomanagement für die öffentliche Hand
  68. 2009-05-29Direktzusage und Pensionsfonds
  69. 2009-05-29Ausbildung in der Logistik
  70. 2009-05-29Marc Gobe - Brandjam: Humanizing Brands Through Emotional Design
  71. 2009-05-29Annie Hulley - How to Be a Property Millionaire
  72. 2009-05-29Ruth Klein - Time Management Secrets for Working Women
  73. 2009-05-29Ursiny Kay - The Top Performers Guide to Change
  74. 2009-05-29Jeffrey P. Davidson - 60-Second Organizer: Sixty Solid Techniques for Beating Chaos at Home and at Work
  75. 2009-05-29Sharon C. Bolton - Emotion Management in the Workplace
  76. 2009-05-29Mark Warda - The Weekend Small Business Start-Up Kit
  77. 2009-05-29CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide by David L. Cannon, Timothy S. Bergmann, Brady Pamplin
  78. 2009-05-29Tricks of the Podcasting Masters by Rob Walch, Mur Lafferty
  79. 2009-05-29Resume And Cover Letter Secrets Revealed
  80. 2009-05-29Writing for Multimedia and the Web, 3 Ed: A Practical Guide to Content Development for Interactive Media
  81. 2009-05-29The Advertising Handbook
  82. 2009-05-29Careers Inside the World of Sales (Careers and Opportunities)
  83. 2009-05-29Migration und schulischer Wandel: Elternbeteiligung
  84. 2009-05-29Why Customers Come Back: How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty by Manzie R. Lawfer (Repost)
  85. 2009-05-29True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution (Repost)
  86. 2009-05-29Marketing Stripped Bare: An Insider's Guide to the Secret Rules
  87. 2009-05-29Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off: How Leading Companies Implement Risk Management (Repost)
  88. 2009-05-29A Woman's Place in the Boardroom: The Road Map
  89. 2009-05-29Dynamische Aspekte im Kaufverhalten. Die Determinanten von Kaufzeitpunkt, Marken- und Mengenwahl
  90. 2009-05-29Die Bluff-Gesellschaft. Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Karriere: Ein Streifzug Durch Die Welt Der Karriere
  91. 2009-05-29The Global Brand: How to Create and Develop Lasting Brand Value in the World Market
  92. 2009-05-29News Values
  93. 2009-05-29Alternative Media (Culture, Representation and Identity)
  94. 2009-05-29Building Your Academic Career
  95. 2009-05-29Organizations Evolving (2nd Edition)
  96. 2009-05-29Frances McGuckin - Business For Beginners: From Research And Business Plans To Money, Marketing, And The Law
  97. 2009-05-29Your First Business Plan: A Simple Question and Answer Format Designed to Help You Write Your Own Plan , 5th Edition
  98. 2009-05-29Alan Ber Thomas - Research Skills for Management Studies
  99. 2009-05-29Alan Fairweather - How to Be a Motivational Manager
  100. 2009-05-29Peter Bolstorff, Robert Rosenbaum - Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model
  101. 2009-05-29Michael Farr - Getting the Job You Really Want

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