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Inside the Minds: Leading Consultants

ISBN: 1587620596

标签: 商业

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Inside the Minds Leading Consultants

Inside the Minds
Aspatore Books | 2001-11 | ISBN: 1587620596 | 268 pages | PDF | 0,9 MB

Praise for Inside the Minds: "What C-Level executives read to keep their edge and make pivotal business decisions. Timeless classics for indispensable knowledge." - Richard Costello, Manager-Corporate Marketing Communication, General Electric (NYSE: GE)

"True insight from the doers in the industry, as opposed to the critics on the sideline." - Steve Hanson, CEO, On Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN)

Inside the Minds (Real World Intelligence From Industry Insiders) was conceived in order to give readers actual insights into the leading minds of business executives worldwide and are written by C-level (CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, COO) executives from over half of the Fortune 100 companies and other leading executives. Because so few books or other publications are actually written by executives in industry, Inside the Minds presents an unprecedented look at various industries and professions never before available. Each chapter is comparable to a white paper/essay and is a very future oriented look at where an industry/profession/topic is heading and the issues for future success. The Inside the Minds series is revolutionizing the business book market by publishing an unparalleled group of executives and providing an unprecedented introspective look into the leading minds of the business world. Other books include Inside the Minds: Venture Capitalists, Inside the Minds: The Wireless Industry, Inside the Minds: Leading Women, Inside the Minds: Leading Marketers, Inside the Minds: Leading Consultants, Inside the Minds: Leading Accountants, Inside the Minds: Chief Technology Officers and over 30 other topics on leading industries and professions.

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